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Free Software to View Driver and Hardware Information

INVIDIA Inspector can help users identify important information about the hardware on their operating system as well as any drivers that may currently be installed. So, it is an excellent supplement to existing options such as a standard control panel. There is no charge to download this package and it can be installed in only a matter of minutes.

Features and Uses

INVIDIA Inspector is primarily used to uncover any problems that may be occurring within an operating system. Defective drivers, outdated graphics cards and the inability for a computer to recognise a piece of installed software are a few examples here. A centralised user interface will display all of the most important parameters. These can then be modified by entering new values into the corresponding fields. More advanced options include setting clocks and fan speeds, both important advantages when optimising an operating system.

Upgrades and Other Tools

There have been many recent upgrades to INVIDIA Inspector. This is now an open-source program, so more changes are likely to take place in the future. Predefined settings can be exported, GPU speeds are able to more accurately monitored and the display template itself has been streamlined so that users can find what they are looking for. This package is currently licensed by MIT, so quality is never an issue.


  • INVIDIA Inspector is free to use
  • A clear user interface streamlines the diagnosis of problems


  • Some have reported that refreshing the screen causes a crash
  • Users will require the RAR decoder to install this package

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NVIDIA Inspector


NVIDIA Inspector for PC

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