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NVIDIA Inspector can help users identify important information about their graphics card on their operating system as well as any drivers that may currently be installed. So, it is an excellent supplement to existing options such as the NVIDIA Control Panel. This package is available for free and it can be installed in only a matter of minutes. 

What does NVIDIA Inspector do?

NVIDIA Inspector is a utility program created by Orbmu2k. It offers comprehensive data from hardware sensors on NVIDIA video cards, much like GPU-Z. A noteworthy feature of the app is in its driver profile setup (game profiles). About 200 game profiles are used in the Inspector. It is primarily used to uncover any GPU-related problems that may be occurring within an operating system. 

A wide range of details on your graphics card can be seen with a click of a button. From here, your PC can conveniently be tested and validated from which driver edition you are working on, or just instantly access the rundown of what is happening within your card. However, a new NVIDIA Profile Inspector window will be opened by clicking on the small green icon (next to the Driver Version field). 

It changes all of your GPU graphics settings as well as GPU settings per program. This is in addition to changing the color and display settings of your computer. The main purpose of the NVIDIA Control Panel is to change the settings of your GPU. There are several settings available only for optimizing performance in the NVIDIA Inspector, as well as loading even faster and saving settings at the same time. 

How do I check my NVIDIA?

You can quickly adjust the settings of your graphics card from the NVIDIA Profile Inspector window, which can seem unintuitive at first. For example, these are the settings in all your games—unless there is any game with its own profile and various settings. Your key configurations are not grayed-out and your tools are provided next to you at the left side of the panel

This matches the settings from the NVIDIA Control Panel itself and can be adjusted. Click the ‘Settings’ to configure the program. On the right side of the screen (near the list of codes on the right side of the display), there will also be a download arrow. If you click on it, all available configuration options will appear. You will see this by clicking on the preferred option. 

Most NVIDIA Inspector configurations have more choices than NVIDIA Control Panel has, though they have the same settings. For example, you can set vertical synchronization at half your refresh rate in the NVIDIA Control Panel. A third or a fifth of the refresh rate can also be reached with the NVIDIA Inspector.

An effective tool to optimize your GPU

The NVIDIA Inspector can have more choices for you based on which settings you're interested in tuning. Outside of your graphics card, you can change a range of parameters. It is not only an NVIDIA Inspector but also the best and easiest way to adjust your GPU settings to enable you to access a boatload of useful GPU details.


  • Free-to-use for NVIDIA GPU owners
  • Plain and organized user interface
  • Offers more configuration options than NVIDIA Control Panel


  • Best suited for knowledgeable NVIDIA users
  • Configurations fail to gray-out

Older versions

NVIDIA Inspector for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.8
  • (153)
  • Security Status

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